Returning home so late in the night? Does your company not give security? How come Who left the friend? “As soon as Amrita entered the house, landlady Mrs. Patwardhan, where she resides as a peing guest, has started questioning the questions. 
” He … he … left Meeta Roy, ” Amrita said, spitting on the sputum.
“Look Amrita, I had told you earlier, I do not give room to girls with nightclothes, you are new to this city, do not know the colors here, keep the girls and then they will not have it, it will not happen. How many times did they say to family members, but Mr. Patwardhan does not believe, says, ‘Families are more turbulent, how much girls stay at home? The house is fine. ‘ Now she will be standing right there, will she come inside? “Mrs. Patwardhan’s tired voice came in amazement immediately. Through fear he had forgotten that he was standing outside the house. Mrs. Patwardhan also sees neither day nor night. When she started going up, then the voice said, “Has eaten food?”
If he nodded in the answer, no matter how sorry he did not know Mrs. Patwardhan, “Stop drinking tea and drink. Then take a bath, then he will heat the food. “He sat quietly on the dining table, so Mr. Patwardhan came too,” Amrita’s son has come! 
“” Jee “, he responded slowly. 
“I will take some tea,” she said softly, “Now see Madam ji will be started.” 
Mrs. Patwardhan, who brought three cups of tea, said, “The doctor has forbidden! If you do not sleep every night, drink tea and you will sleep. Take a little. “He said sitting there sitting. The room was silent. Amrita was slowly teetering and Mrs. Patwardhan was shaking her eyes. Tired of tea, all the fatigue came down.
Mrs. Patwardhan went to sleep by saying, “There is food on the table.” He ate food and went to his room. The next day was Sunday, then there was no hurry to rise. Laying on bed and turning on mobile, the message of Amey was shaking. He got smiling. He was online there. Said, ‘Your Khari Mrs. Patwardhan did not make a Tamasha today?’ 
Amrita wrote, ‘Karela is on tongue, bitter bitter … The eyes weigh in the eyes, the human being. Today I was very scared. Uncle is good Perhaps they are not bad at heart, but they are very bitter. ‘ 
‘Sugar Patient, Mrs. Patwardhan! Nowadays, people’s words are becoming bitter and sugar is increasing in their blood. What a Contradiction! ‘ He also wrote a laughing emoji.
‘Oh yes, you’re telling the truth. Sugar should be increased so sweetness should increase, but here bitterness increases. It seems that the juice of bitter gourd has become drunk or it is filled with salt water. He also sent an emoji with replies. 
‘Leave us … Where did you sit down with sugar and we sat?’ What are you doing tomorrow? ‘ With this asking he sent a mischievous emoji. 
‘I will sleep for long, and then I see,’ he wrote in reply. 
‘Let’s go see the movie tomorrow,’ Amey asked. 
‘Hey aunt, no one is sitting here parents. So many questions, as parents have not done. Hostel Warden is full. It is known that the entire colony is subdivided into Take a look at each and every visitor. It’s superfluous, focuses on what’s going on around the day. On your peing guest, keep an eye on your eyes CCTV cameras. ‘
‘Hey man, leave now, my aunt, get a bit romantic, meet tomorrow,’ Amey wrote. 
Writing ‘OK good night’, he stopped the phone and rolled on the bed.

From this small town, this metropolis came to Mumbai, Amrita. Good job was found in an IT company and nearby Peing Guest Bungalow. There is no other way more comforting than having a home near the office in a metropolis like Mumbai. So Amritha, taking a little bitter behavior of Mrs. Patwardhan too. Between the skyscrapers, this ancestral house of Mr. and Mrs. Patwardhan, on which the couple keeps the guest guest on the top floor, looks quite aloof. There were three rooms on the upper floor. There were two more girls in both rooms next to Amrita. Was in a call center. His night’s duty was to leave, before his arrival, so it would be very rare to meet him. The second air hostess was then flying on the fly, sometimes it would have been possible to meet Sunday itself.
‘Cigarette, alcohol, non-veg, boys will not run in this house, I understand,’ The instruction was given earlier on the day. ‘I will be drunk, on the day I will throw in the house along the baggage,’ Mrs. Patwardhan was a ghazali. Both of the girls used to scoff at Amrita. ‘It seems as if someone has come to an ashram and has taken a sanyas in a young man. This aunt is absolutely stacked, ‘Call center bid.
‘So what will stop in the house, how far outside we will see, outside we are free man,’ the air hostess girl said with a smile, and both of them started singing laugh. Amrita went on. His middle class rituals dominate him. In the glare of the metropolis, weighed down with the new dimensions of modernity, the so-called modern people, when incited to be modern, would fall into the quorum. Where to drink, there is no restriction of relationship, and if you look at the liberal lifestyle, then there will be many tremors. Amey was his friend of his own city, or more than a friend. Do not know, but both agree with each other. Weekend often passes along, many times she stops at her flat. Mrs told Patwardhan, ‘Today I am at a friend’s house.’ Mrs. Patwardhan grumbles, ‘I understand everything, friend will not stop with a friend.’
But what’s the right to stop them? You can stop in your house, who does not just have them on the outside. Mr. Patwardhan often said, ‘Now your children are not, who will stop. What do we have to do? ‘ Mrs. Patwardhan said sadly, ‘Where can we stop our child! I wish someone could stop him Everyone ‘What do we have to do?’ Do not see anyone by saying. All rejoice in yourself But know what to say and understand something by saying something! 
Mr. Patwardhan does not have any answer. Amrita was not aware of the misery that both the two were living on.
Days like that were going on. Amrita and Ameyi went ahead in their relationship. But they were not living in live-in. Wanted to marry Mrs. Patwardhan and Mr. Patwardhan also started to know Amey. A couple of times he came home too. In the absence of Mrs. Patwardhan Although Mrs. Patwardhan’s salinity was not reduced. Ghaa Baghaah would say, “How are people in the era, they should walk well. But nowadays children do not understand the old men. ‘ When he said this, a pain arises with bitterness in his tone. 
Amrita was now habituated to it. She thinks it’s a matter of time. After marrying Amey, she will go away from here.

Her friend of the office, Mita Rai also knew about her and Amey, she was a very open-minded, cool girl. Amrita wondered how Meeta lived in this metropolis, how her hobbies were fulfilled. Often, Mita would tell her, “O Amrita, live life, do not get repeated. What sin, what virtue, all things are worthless? It is a fund to eat, drink, roam and roost. This marriage-warder is not of his bus, who is the one of the bonds, I am free, I and you have caged the cage. “He had given great help to this city of Amrita, so he does not speak anything. Amrita could get annoyed, but the old-time friendship could not be broken! Since she had received a flying news that Mita had started taking drugs and supplying her, Amrita had increased her distance.
But one day, Amrita went out of her mouth in talk of things that this weekend Mrs. Patwardhan is going to see her sick sister, with Mr. Patwardhan. 
Just what was a threat with another friend on weekend, here she met Seeing Amrita’s hands and feet, she got up, but from the same place and help in this metropolis, well hearted, but typed in the veneer, living on her own terms, trying to get rid of this cuddly man from the house How to say 
He seemed to see that he had taken drugs. Mita said to Amrita, “Come on, forget all the mistakes …” 
Amrita explained to him, “You know no Mrs. Patwardhan … 
” “Hey let it be that the name of that bitter old woman Today, there is some sweet food … I have brought this pastry, I will eat it and have fun. “
While moving the pastry towards him, he smiled and said, “Hey … you should call Ameya!” 
Seeing their condition, Mana Amrita got nervous and went to the kitchen after saying “bring coffee,” and called Ameya from there. But Ameya’s phone was off. Then he thought, I call Mrs Patwardhan, I will scold, but his objections are not right. It was just being dialed that Mita dragged her phone and slammed her with a lip pastry. “Oh Darling, today you are going to visit your janata with you, forget all the misery today and drown in drunkenness.” Mita came out with her. The loud voice began to tremble with her music. Did not know what was in the pastry that Amrita’s head started moving around. She thought she was somewhere else, in a while, she started flicking with him like crazy. He found this sweet and sweet nasha good. Never be disturbed by it, never He started to feel the body of Ameya smell. Mita started coming to see him as usual. There was an hour passing through dancing, obscene acts like fast music and crazy, But there was madness that did not take the name of a stoppage. Then the bell rang. It has been playing for a long time. When the voice was heard to the unconscious Amrita, he opened the door while faltering. The patwarshan couple were in front. She was insensitive Taking a hiccup, he swung in his arms.

When he came to the senses he found himself on the hospital bed. Ameye and Mr. Patwardhan were nearby. Headache was bursting with If you tried to remember then all remembered. He got scared of fear and embarrassment. ” Ameya, I … I … ” He tried to speak. 
“Do not say anything … get well then talk,” Amey said. 
Mrs. Patwardhan had also come. Nothing was said, but Amrita was afraid of them. Two days later when she got right, Mrs. Patwardhan said, “You have not told anything at home right now. Tell me then … “Amrita phafak-shouted cry “That hand had dialed your hand that night and I picked up. Your friend and your talk had been guessed that something is not right. We returned immediately by taxi and you were saved by being wasted in drugs and drunk. “
After being silent for some time, he breathed a cold and said, “I wish someone could hear the screams of my innocent child like that!” Mr. Patwardhan said, “The girl who went to our college was very innocent. She used to live in the hostel with her friend. Such a person was trapped in the same clutches. As long as we could understand, his corpse came back from the hostel, due to the overdose of drugs he died. Occasionally, parents or anyone can pass through too much, but their experience becomes a shield on the scary occasions. That’s why your aunt is also harsh for others with her. ” 
Mrs. Patwardhan’s eyes became moist. Understanding their emotions, they said, “I wish my daughter would have got any tattered there too! Or I could only save him. “
Understanding the questions floating in Amrita’s eyes, she said, “Is this thinking, should not anyone be trusted? Nowadays, keeping the eye open and vigilance is important nowadays. Our society has taken this loss of modernity that trust has ended. You can not understand who you believe. “
Mrs. Patwardhan turned his hand over his head, looking at the sea facing the window, said, “I know my bitterness looks bad, but fears very well now. My daughter was also very nice. Everyone used to trust, without knowing … know why the ocean is left over? Because it’s saline. Think, if he was sweet like the water of the Ganges, then what would have remained so far? To maintain goodness, innocence, sweetness inside you is sometimes to be saline, so that everyone, Arrah Gara Nathu Khaira can not reach you. Who will know the value of the gems inside you, he will take you through effort, but in order to save his life, a little salt is necessary. ” 
Amrita and Amey understood that to save their nectar in this metropolis So have to be a sandal.

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