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Name Whatscan for Whatsapp Web
Category Personalization App
Size 11.0 MB
Reviews 1214
Developer Whatweb
Publish Date: 2021-12-02
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The description of Whatscan for Whatsapp Web App

Whatscan for Whatsapp web is the best application for whatsapp web on mobile phoneWhatscan for Whatsapp web is an utility app with dynamic UI and easy user friendly app. That has 3 main features like 1. Whats web: Scan and Chat 2. QR scan, generate and share, save.3.Status image and videos saver * You can use the same Whatscan for Whatsapp account on mobiles and tablets.* You can have 2 Whatscan accounts on the same mobile.* Send and receive messages, pictures or even videos from your friends and family with Whatscan easily!* Whatsweb for messenger and Chatting.Whatscan for Whatsapp web allows you to run two accounts in a single device. It is entirely up to you!Whascan for Whatsapp web has optimized code, QR Code Reader and Scanner and Status saver are the main key features.Whatscan for Whatsapp web App is a top-rated app for Whats Web Dual Chat with Status saver. Whatscan for Whatsweb is a very simple app to use.Manage your account Smartly.Just need to open Whatsweb for Whatscan app and scan QR Code from another app and now you are ready to use the Dual Chat feature with this Web Clone App. Whatscan app for Whatsweb really helpful app for your WhatClone.If you have one Whatsweb account, where all of your contacts are stored. However, you must use two phones, one for work and one for personal use, In that case With our app you can install the same account on the two phones. Vice versa, If you have two Whatscan App accounts, one for work, another for personal use. With our app, you can also put 2 Whatzapp on one phone. The second Whatscan can only be added throughout our app.Features of Whatscan for Whatsapp web:* You can use the same Whatsweb App account on mobiles and tablets.* Same Whatscan account on mobiles and tablets* Send and receive messages, pictures, videos even documents too.* Easy to control children whatscan with whatsweb for WhatsappQR scan and Generate* With this feature, you can scan any quick response code and save in your phone. And you can also generate QR code by entering the text data and contact or message.How to Use Whatscan for Whatsapp / Whatscan for Whatsweb :* Open WhatScan app on your 2nd phone and it will show a QR Code for you to scan.* Use WhatsApp on your 1st phone to scan the QR Code on WhatScan App your 2nd phone.* That's it! All the Whatsapp messages (including text, images, audio, and video) will now be synced on both.Disclaimer:Whatscan for Whatsapp web isn't affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by WhatsApp Inc. The "WhatsApp" name is copyright to WhatsApp, Inc.

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