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Name VIPole
Category Business App
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Developer VIPole LTD
Score 8.0
Publish Date: 2020-03-25
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The description of VIPole App

VIPole secure messaging and collaboration app protects your privacy against interceptions and eavesdropping. All data including video, calls, all shared files are encrypted end-to-end with strong cryptographic algorithms. The server has no access to the user data, which means that disclosing it to anyone is technically impossible. ENCRYPTED PRIVATE MESSAGING AND GROUP CHATSChat secure as easy as any other chat, the core difference is strong encryption that is a part of all data transmission and storage processes. VIPole is the best private messenger for increasing team productivity, as encrypted chat rooms organize securely the workflows of different departments and project groups.SECURE AUDIO AND VIDEO CALLS Make crystal-clear audio and video calls encrypted end-to-end. IP masking and changing your voice tone during calls can make all you conversations even more confidential.AUDIO AND VIDEO CONFERENCE CALLS With encrypted conferencing for 9 people, VIPole is a handy tool for connecting remote team members. Make secure multiuser calls a part of your daily business interactions.SHARING ANY FILE AND MANAGING FILES Make your docflows easy and secure, as all photos, media files, archives and docs that you send in VIPole are encrypted on devices, on servers and in transit and synched so that you can reach them anytime, anywhere.HISTORY EDITING AND CLEARING Secure communication means that you can always change your mind and take it back. Erase messages, set autoburn mode, edit them or delete the conversation completely and irrevocably – the history will be changed respectively on the devices of your contacts.CONTACT LIST MANAGEMENT AND HIDDEN CONTACTSConfidential communication is designed for your personal affairs only. Limit the number of people you want to see in your contact list, as you are too busy for any kind of negativity in your life. No advertisers, spammers or meddlers can bother you here. Make lists of hidden contacts and blacklists when necessary. PASSWORD MANAGER Account details for all devices, social media, credit cards, software licenses and subscriptions – everything requires passwords. VIPole password manager takes a load off your mind – store and organize passwords, access them on all devices and share them securely.ENCRYPTED NOTES Message encryption is useful, but sometimes you need to make marginal notes for yourself, not your friends. You no longer need a special app for this – VIPole will store your ideas encrypted and inaccessible to everyone but you.SECURITY EXTENSIONS Remote control of self-connections allows to disconnect the unattended devices. Auto lock and auto logout on inactivity protect your conversations from prying eyes – just set the preferable period prior to disconnection.CHEAP INTERNATIONAL CALLS Stay connected with friends outside VIPole, we offer the best international calling rates.USE ON ANY DEVICEConnect simultaneously using all your devices on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and of course Android!____________________________________________________________________________________Visit our Help center and Knowledge base: support service:

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