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Publish Date: 2020-02-07
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The description of MICEapps App

One for all Hybrid MICEappsWhy need to download so many event apps when you attending same event every years? Meetings, Incentives, Conferences,Exhibitions Applications (MICEapps) are one for all. With a MICEapps multi-event app, attendees can download just one MICEapps to access the entire ongoing, upcoming and passed event host under MICEapps umbrella with updated and involved year-round engagement; leading to increased, measurable opportunities for sponsors. EngagingMICEapps allows you to engage attendees and enhance your meetings with live Q&A,Private chat and surveys. MICEapps is a personalised configure to each individual based on the attendee’s interactions with the app. Plus Notifications are listed to help attendees stay on track. Attendees can seeIndividual notifications, Personalized bookmarks, Rates and comments from all sessions or from only the ones you attended. By making it easy for you to simply add your favorite session schedules into the native calendar on yourmobile device. Single CMSMICEapps integrated web and mobile native contents management platform ensure your registration and event data is secure, accurate and up to date with our leading MICEapps CMS. Event owner are in control of the content at all times. Any content changes organiser make sync to all users right away. Plus the Eventlast minute change helps you stay on track so you don't miss important details. Interactive MapsMICEapps makes navigating events easy and intuitive. Our truly interactive maps let attendees zoom in and out, guide you point to points, tap on pins for exhibitor and session info, and include links to full profiles. Treated the MICEapps as your event guide! FeedbackYour feedback is the most valuable to help organiser plan an even better for future event, hence, fill out the in-app survey to rate sessions and let the organiser know about your overall event experience.MatchmakingMICEapps Matchmaking feature allowed buyer and seller to send request to make appointment within available time slot, accept, reject, change, and cancel appointments. EngagementMICEapps Engagement feature help to drive attendee engagement pre event, onsite and post event.A simple engagement task such as visit-to-win, vote, feedback! Please visit to find out more about what MICEapps can do for you.

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