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If: INTERMITTENT FASTING APP to SLIM without yoyo effect/diet by a simple PRINCIPLE: EATING AT THE RIGHT TIME. Your fasting tracker!Join our community of over 3 million people who are not only losing weight quickly and effectively with the INTERMITTENT FASTING METHOD, but also LIVE HEALTHIER. Weight loss with the Nobel Prize-winning method: You don't have to count calories anymore, you only have to count hours!The If-App MAKES INTERMITTENT FASTING EASIER with daily COACHING and RECIPES that INCREASE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS! Fast WITHOUT CRAVINGS! The recipes are nutritionally composed in such a way that later – during your fasting window – you will NOT get CRAVINGS. The recipes are tailored to YOUR NEEDS. You can choose vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian recipes or if you eat everything. Specify intolerances and allergies. Choose whether you eat a special diet, e.g. keto or low carb. Weight loss without dieting and WITH taste! Reach your ideal weight with little effort and improve your fitness and health! Start now and download the Intermittent Fasting App for free! Use the free fasting timer/fasting tracker with reminders for your individual fasting time, get reminders for your fasting time and your eating time! Your fasting plan – made simple. A diet app that gets you to success without dieting!The If-App is your coach:* Easy fasting and weight loss with motivational functions* Fasting Tracker/Fasting Planner: When can I eat, when do I fast?* Individual fasting times, individual clock times and fasting intervals (16:8 – 23:1), tailored fasting plans: 16 8, 18 6, 20 4, 22 2* Water Tracker – Are you drinking enough? We remind you! How much should you drink? We'll do the math for you!* Statistics for your intermittent fasting success: Tracker for weight and measurements, BMI calculator free* Push messages give you the motivation to stay tuned!The ADVANTAGES of the If-app:* Get all the tips & tricks to integrate INTERMITTENT FASTING into your life* Fasting Timer/ Fasting Tracker* Water Tracker* Daily lessons about intermittent fasting take you one step further every day – from beginner to fasting pro* Holistic lessons from the areas of fasting, nutrition, tips, exercise/sport, mind and sleep* Comprehensive knowledge on Intermittent Fasting with scientific background and evidence * The largest slimming traps permanently exposed * Integrate slimming boosters, faster weightloss* The Anti-Yoyo Plan!* Daily tasks for even more success – lose weight faster* Weight loss method/diet app for men and women* Fasting tracker for beginners and advanced* Recipes that fill you up, make you happy and help you lose weight* No annoying advertisingMOTIVATION * Join the exclusive Facebook group and connect with people who also want to lose weight – do fasting with others* Support, advice and even more recipes from the community* Scientifically proven: Together, goals can be achieved faster!
PERSONAL SUPPORT* Our experts answer individually and help with every question: [email protected] Advantages of Intermittent Fasting:* Fat burning is boosted* Fat reserves in the body are used up* Immune system is strengthened* The body detoxifies and cell-regenerating processes are set in motion* Ageing processes are slowed down: More beautiful skin, looking younger* Inflammations and allergies can be reduced* Improves concentration* Improves your energy and overall healthIntermittent fasting free: Use the fasting clock, organize fasting times, receive push notifications, get reminders of fasting times and meal times, track your weight loss progress and successesThe If-app is no diet app but a life changing app: It will change your attitude towards eating and yourself permanently.Get the fasting tracker for free!You get full access to all functions with an in-app purchase within the If-app.If Intermittent Fasting/If-app Terms of Use & Privacy Policy:

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