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Name GPS Speedometer – Odometer
Category Auto & Vehicles App
Size 7.8 MB
Reviews 2561
Developer Wonder Apps Valley
Publish Date: 2021-12-15
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The description of GPS Speedometer – Odometer App

GPS Speedometer – odometer is a simple application that helps you keep an eye on your speed while driving. The Speed tracker app is an accurate high-performance speedometer and odometer with digital and analog style. This app has a feature of recording speed, time and distance when you are on a trip. Speedometer-Odometer calculates your speed and distance travelled in kph or mph as selected by you. It has many features like measure speed, total distance, average speed etc. Features: Speedometer – odometer has a number of features which makes it very useful.• Display only analog speedometer• Display only digital speedometer• Display both digital and analog speedometers together• Change speedometer color theme as per your choice• HUD (Head-up display) for both analog and digital speedometer• Generate alarm on crossing the maximum speeding limit• Record Time, distance, average and max speeds for the trip• Display speed versus time graph for the whole trip• Location and route on the map• Compass display on speedometer and map• Save the history of the trips. Analog Speedometer: Analog speedometer will provide the speed of the vehicle in analog format with a needle pointing at the speed value. Digital Speedometer: With the advancements in speedometer in the vehicles, this app also provides a digital value on the speedometer which is an accurate speed value. Speed versus time graph: This feature allows you to track your speed versus time for the whole trip on a single graph. Route Tracing: This feature allows you to track your location on google maps as well as keeping an eye on the speed and distance travelled in selected units. Alarm for max speed Limit: you may set the max speed limit in the application and an alarm will start ringing as soon as you exceed the speed limit. It is a really helpful application with beautiful and modern look like car speedometer for especially those who don't like old traditional speedometer or odometer in their car or another vehicle. Head up display (HUD): This important feature is quite helpful while driving at night. Select color theme: Select color of the speedometer as per your choice. Unit Systems: Displays in kilometers, miles or nautical miles. Display settings: You may select to display or hide any of the following options with the speedometer;- Clock- Compass- Travel distance- Travel time- Average speed- Maximum speed- Phone battery status- Speed display in phone notification How to use Speedometer-Odometer? Open Speedometer-Odometer app Select settings and apply all accordingly Press Start Button Keep the HistoryTo make your trip easy to manage and save your time by telling you the route and check your speed accordingly. Speedometer-Odometer is used to get all the records of the speed, time and distance of your vehicle and let you see the location and route on the map.

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