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Publish Date: 2021-10-22
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The description of Facetune Editor-Smooth skin App

Facetune Editor: Smooth Skin for acne removal is the latest most comprehensive app for those who wish to appear their perfect best in pictures. Facetune Editor: Smooth Skin enables you to edit your pictures and photos to make them smooth and get rid of acne, pimples and any other blemishes and spots on the skin. To get started with Facetune Editor-Smooth skinMake sure you've given the Facetune Editor-Smooth skin permission in settings to access your pictures.Choose the picture you want to edit in the app. At the bottom of the app, select the feature you want(smooth, sharpeneds,whiten teeth,details,and Acne)depending on your phone settings, these may be in dark mode. Select any of these features, adjust the scale and slowly use your finger to smoothen your picture. After you are done, click the okay(tick) icon at the bottom right of the app to move on to the next feature. Do this until you've used all the features you want. After you are done, go to the top right corner and click save.Don’t let these ruin your beautiful pictures:-Wrinkles-Dry skin-Brown teeth (the whitener is specifically designed for this)-Pimply complexion-Spots and other blemishes-Acne-A hair out of place-Red eyes-Bad lighting-Dark spots/marks How to use•First, make sure you have given the Facetune Editor: Smooth Skin permission to access storage. You can do this by going to your "app settings" and toggle the "allow storage" button. To edit your photos, simply select the photo you want to edit from inside the app, select a setting you want, e.g. “Acne” and using your finger, smoothen the area you want as much as you want. • You can always select the eraser to get rid of changes that do not fit. You can focus on a particular area by zooming in and then applying whichever setting you want. You can use the scale at the bottom to adjust the level of smoothness to the level you want. • After finishing, simply click “save” and your picture will appear in the gallery. You are now ready to post those cool pics on your social media platforms! Go ahead!If your photo has any of the above, then Facetune Editor: Smooth Skin for acne removal is the app you’ve been looking for!Facetune Editor: Smooth Skin for acne removal also gives you other cool features like teeth whitening and details enhancement. All you need is to select the areas with spots and blemishes and Facetune Editor: Smooth Skin for acne removal will do the rest for you at the swipe of a finger. The app will not affect any area outside the selection meaning your skin tone will remain unchanged in these areas to maintain a natural look. Facetune Editor: Smooth Skin does not use whole picture filter. It relies on user-initiated enhancements arrived at using our apps’ powerful algorithm. Facetune Editor: Smooth Skin for acne removal also comes with features that will enhance and beautify your face including:- Smooth- Sharpness- Whiten- Details- Refineand many more in just one step.Acne, spots, rough skin, dryness, wrinkles, and other blemishes are easy to deal with, just install Facetune Editor: Smooth Skin for acne removal and see how fast this can be done. Be it you are just from a class or a birthday party, give your pictures one last beautification with this app before posting to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or any other social platform.Try it now and you will be glad you did!Please leave a 5-start rating if you like it. In case of feedback, please leave us a message at [email protected]!!Facetune Editor: Smooth Skin for acne removal does not in any way endorse a particular way of appearance or supports an unattainable body image. We believe everyone is beautiful in their own way.

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