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Name Dash Cam Travel
Category Auto & Vehicles App
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Publish Date: 2022-07-06
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The description of Dash Cam Travel App

Take advantage of your phone's high-end camera with the Dash Cam Travel – Car Camera, Blackbox app. It's a user-friendly high-performance on-board Dash Cam which replaces a common car camera.The Dash Cam is very important to save photo and video from traffic accidents, providing evidence for insurance or interesting moments. The Dash Cam is the most objective eyewitnesses on the road.5+ years with you, 180+ updates and 1 000 000+ of videos recorded. That's app Dash Cam Travel – Car Camera app, Blackbox? THREE VIDEO RECORDING OPTIONS • The foreground recording. • The foreground recording including on-screen information. • The background recording. You can display the navigation or turn off the screen.? VIDEO4K, 2K, FullHD, HD, VGA.Timelapse 2x, 5x.Infinity focus – not focusing on the windshield.Camera selection: some devices allow you to select a camera with a wide-angle lens.Video recording: portrait/landscape mode, including/excluding sound, front/back camera.? VIDEO / PHOTO LOCATION TRACKINGSee the recorded route in Google Maps with a graphical speed layer.See the maximum speed, altitude, etc in Google Maps.See the place of taking a photo in Google Maps.?️ INFORMATION ON THE SCREENSelect which information will be displayed: speed, gps, street address, Google Maps, buttons, sport mode, inclinometer, etc.Custom text. Suitable for license plate or car name.The information on the screen will be included in the recorded video.♻️ AUTO-LOOP RECORDINGRecord in a loop and save space on your phone.Length limitation: off / 1-60 min.Limit number of recordings: off / 2-30.Just 1-click to save permanently the record from the loop.? AUTOMATIC DELETION OF OLD FILESKeep video recordings on the device for only N days and save space on your phone.⏯️ AUTO-START + AUTO-STOPAuto-Start/Stop conditions • activity "in vehicle", • speed, • power supply, • internet, • AUX, • selected bluetooth device, • navigation.Auto-Start action • only notification, • background video recording, • foreground video recording, • foreground video recording including on-screen information.? SHORTCUT1-click to launch video recording from the home screen.? SPORT MODE FOR FUNRecord current, average, and maximum g-force, acceleration and braking in time on the screen.Acceleration • 0 – 30 MPH / 50 km/h • 0 – 60 MPH / 100 km/h • 0 – 125 MPH / 200 km/h • 0 – MAX MPH / MAX km/hBraking from current speed to 0 MPH / km/h.Show deceleration and track length.⛰️ INCLINOMETERRecord the car pitch and roll.? EXPERT SETTINGS – for experienced usersCan be used for non-standard devices.⭕ OTHERSTake a photo while video recording.Simple structure of folders and files by date and time of creation.Photos and videos are tagged.Photo / video sharing on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, Dropbox, …Screen lock.YouTube Auto-Upload to your channel.Perfect user interface. Large buttons.Compatible with Android 11.Languages: ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? PRO (in-app purchases)All PRO features are available for FREE for a limited time.You can try everything before buying.Purchase removes the time-limit.Some capabilities can be limited by your device's hardware and Android version.Dash Cam does not work with external USB cameras.? Web + FAQ Instagram YouTube✉️ [email protected] safe with the Dash Cam Travel – Car Camera app, Blackbox ✅Dash Cam Travel wishes you a Happy Journey ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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